Episode 7 - Nurse Ratchett With Hamilton's Shot: 3 Tips for Theatre Marketing and Toilet Brushes


In this episode…

Kate and Thomas play a brand new game, inspired by Tournamental where they pit characters against each other and give them special weapons.


They have a chat about something that’s long been on Thomas’ mind, that is: marketing in theatre. So much could be said on the topic, so instead they focus on 3 tactics theatre companies could employ to shift how they think about marketing.


They end with a reflection on the glamour of artists’ lives, inspired by this post by Alberta musician Kyla Ferrier:

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It’s not a toilet. But let me brush up your awareness of artists doing their thing. Behind all the music I’ve put out recently is hundreds of hours of house cleaning and a desk job to make it happen, on top of the actual work of creating the thing. It’s a huge investment to produce an album, and the work I had to do (and am still doing) to fund it was not glamorous. For perspective, all time sales of my music have yet to cover the cost of the first 3 track EP I put out in 2013. That’s over six years ago! I’ve since released two albums. I don’t feel entitled to make money from what I’ve made, that’s not the point. But I do want to give some context, so you get it. If you have an artist friend, they likely aren’t living some kind of charmed life, “the gift of being able to create art” blah blah blah. The time spent creating is often happening after a full day of working a regular job, or squeezed in during naps when there’s a 1.5hr window free of kid chaos. Instead of passing out, or watching TV, or listening to music after work... they’re making the TV! They’re making the music! They’re making the plays. They do it because they love it, feel compelled, sure. But also... let’s remember to have some gratitude. We say thank you when someone prepares a meal for us. I’m trying to get better at applying the same principle when I take in film and music and theatre, especially when made by a friend. Don’t just scarf it down. Slow down and savour. You don’t have to like everything, and there’s no way to consume it all. But when you do, with what you choose to behold, be present. Pay attention.

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