Episode 2 - Metathesiophobia: Why we need a new canon and what's wrong with a theatre streaming service


Welcome to episode 2 of Missed Cues, the podcast where we talk about theatre and have some drinks! This episode is a doozy and it was a lot of fun to record.

Episode Breakdown

Kate’s Takes

Kate has a real knack for finding doozy theatre content on the Internet. In this episode, she talks about the theatre masks and why it bugs her that they’re the universal sign for theatre.

Will A Streaming Service Destroy Theatre?

For this team of theatre professionals, bringing a show to Broadway was not financially viable. Playing the show off-Broadway would not break even. So they changed the paradigm with Streaming Musicals, a Netflix-like streaming program that’s got the industry all up in arms and heralding the doom of theatre as we know it.

Is It Time For A New Canon?

Theatre has a rich legacy of incredible plays by incredible artists…that we see over and over again. The issue is we have incredible new artists with incredible new plays that aren’t being told because we’re too busy filling our seasons with the same five playwrights. In a world where we’re constantly complaining about another Marvel or Transformers sequel or a remake of a Disney movie we grew up watching, is our canon really that valuable?

Would You Rather

In episode, Kate owned Thomas on Fuck, Marry, Kill. Can he make up lost ground with a game of Would You Rather? It’s doubtful, but not impossible.


We finish off episode 2 with a few short rants on providing better patron experiences.

Reading Material

Our theme song is Tri-tachyon by Little Lily Swing available at Free Music Archive.

New Streaming Platform Threatens to Disrupt Theatre Business, Forbes

Please Appreciate Classic Theatre, OnStage Blog

Sock and Buskin, Wikipedia

Here’s a link to Dusty Flower Pot Cabaret. The Show Kate is referencing is High Times Hit Parade.