Episode 5 - Luxor Limos: Front of House and Affordability


Episode Breakdown

Things We Hate

Get to know your hosts with a fun little game: things we hate that everybody loves. It’s like watching a Walking Dead episode. Your favourite characters will die a gruesome death.

Front of House

Front of House is a crucial part of the theatre experience. We rant about some poor experiences and why it matters.

Affordability Crisis

We live in an unaffordable time. Theatre artists get paid jack squat. Their jobs are in some of the least affordable cities in the world. This has massive consequences on the accessibility of who can do theatre.

At the same time, theatre as an industry is taking the lead in finding ways to make our shows more accessible.

Kate’s Takes

Kate likes to look on page 2 or 3 of search engine results, looking for weird theatre posts. This time, she really breaks Thomas. But it’s all fun and games.

Further Reading

Freedom to Struggle by Christy Romer

Housing Crisis Prices from Cultch

Know Theatre’s Welcome Experiment and Living Wage tickets

Our theme song is Tri-tachyon by Little Lily Swing available at Free Music Archive.

Thomas Gage