Episode 3 - Beer Baiting: Intimacy Directors and Subjectivity in Theatre


Episode Breakdown

5-Second Game

Kate and Thomas kick things off in style with a game where you have to name three things in 5 seconds. Sounds easy? Why don’t you play along? Bonus points if you record yourself playing along and share it.

Intimacy Directors

Let’s face it: whether you’re acting or directing, romantic scenes are awkward at best. They can be downright creepy for the people involved.

Enter intimacy directors, usually stage right. It’s a weird thing they do. They don’t ever come in stage left. Anyway: we talk about why that’s an important step in protecting all parties involved and we ask if it’s going to destroy our art. Hint: it probably won’t.

Is Theatre Subjective?

Are there objective standards that we can use to talk about what is good theatre (and how to make it better)? What role does personal taste or experience play in how we process a show that we saw?

In other words: if art is only subjective and a matter of personal taste, are there such things as bad actors?

Kate’s Takes

It’s only the second Kate’s Take for you guys, but it is one of the best for the two of us. It’s a segment that will go down in Missed Cues history.

Further Reading

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Our theme song is Tri-tachyon by Little Lily Swing available at Free Music Archive.