Episode 4 - A Thousand Days of Cold: Tokenism and Theatre Criticism


Episode Breakdown

In this episode, Thomas gets fired up in a way Kate has never seen before.


Every good podcast starts with an in-depth conversation about what fictional characters you would buff and which ones you’d kill. We go over some of Arthur Miller and Shakespeare’s characters.

Tokenism and why it sucks

What is tokenism? How do you recognize it? Why is it a problem to begin with?

The thing about inclusion and diversity is that they’re not fads. They’re values that are consistent and borne out of a world that supposedly promotes democracy, equal rights and making the pursuit of happiness possible for all. Tokenism happens when inclusion and diversity are a chore, a headache, a way to gain popular support. Tokenism happens when inclusion and diversity is about you and the space you say you’re creating for others rather than about the others themselves.

We unpack tokenism in theatre and start the conversation about how to avoid it.

What’s the role of critics?

This is a follow up on episode 3 and our discussion on the subjective nature of theatre. Where do critics fit in this discussion? We go over some of the baggage that comes with our understanding of theatre criticism and talk about how they can fit in a post-print era where everyone has a voice and a platform to share it on.

Further Reading

Our theme song is Tri-tachyon by Little Lily Swing available at Free Music Archive.

How to avoid tokenism by Tarik Elmoutawakil

Tilikum and Wading into Better Criticism by Yasmin Mikhaiel

A dialogue on theatre criticism in the digital age by Duška Radosavljević, Mark Fisher and Karen Fricker

It’s time to consider a world without critics by Phil Willmott