A Podcast For Theatre People

Missed Cues is a podcast where we talk about theatre over drinks. Why does theatre matter in the 21st century? What ancient relics are holding our industry back? How do we create a vibrant community that challenges the most pernicious aspects of our society?


A podcast for theatre lovers

On Missed Cues, we sit back and talk about what we want to talk about, which is theatre. 

We talk about some of the challenges that our industry is facing. We explore some of the pervasive issues that affect it. But especially we talk about why we love theatre, what's so special about it, why the world needs more of it, and we do it from a lot of different perspectives (that means science). 


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About the hosts

Kate Stadel and Thomas Gage

When we first met 5 years ago, and then again one year ago, it was theatre at first sight.

We've done a lot of it: directing, acting, producing, as well as managing theatre companies, marketing, fundraising, designing, writing, front of house...

And we just can't get enough.  

This is what this podcast is about.



Pour yourself a drink

Whether you're a professional theatre artist or a student, an actor, or a grant writer, if you live theatre—you make it, you're in it, you breathe it—or if you just love it and want a little bit more in your life, this is the podcast for you.

So pour yourself a drink and get your tweety phone out so we can all build something together here!